The Terrorism Scam

Maybe now that the Transit Authority is groping men’s crotches, people are going to wake up to the huge flim flam bamboozle  that has been going down since fall of 2001.  The Department of Homeland Security was put in place to take more money from the taxpayers for the cronies of the Fat Cats and their congress lackeys.  Joe Lieberman came up with this idea although probably not on his own.  And it was up and ready to go very soon after 9/11.

You see the crooks in Washington were kind of straining the Defense budget, so they thought a clever way of siphoning money from the middle class to their friend would be to make up a whole new department.  So we get hundreds of new ventures in spying on the American people.  We get wiretapping companies and now we get body scanners at the airport. Continue reading