“Teachers as Temps”

Check out Glen Ford’s latest piece on blackagendareport.com “Corporate Dream: Teachers as Temps”

Discredit teachers and you can discredit public education.  And then the blood suckers can get their hands on the 800 Billion Dollars we spend on public education.  Always follow the money.


Poverty is the Real Loser Here

So the justice department spent 2.5 years investigating John Edwards and whether campaign funds were used to keep his mistress and love child in hiding. Curious as to its priorites.
Curious that Edwards was the only candidate that built his campaign around the issue of poverty. If you solve poverty, you solve everything; war and peace, environmental degradation, hunger, and racism. He was the one who called out Wall Street time and time again and had specific plans to tame the beast. But like many before him, he had personal flaws.
So now we have no mention of the end to poverty by our leaders and instead we have a justice department that goes after a guy who cheated on his wife. It is very telling who this attorney general on behalf of this president goes after as mentioned by several comments on Salon.com; whistleblowers instead of the banksters? adulterers rather than war criminals? WTF indeed.