The Terrorism Scam

Maybe now that the Transit Authority is groping men’s crotches, people are going to wake up to the huge flim flam bamboozle  that has been going down since fall of 2001.  The Department of Homeland Security was put in place to take more money from the taxpayers for the cronies of the Fat Cats and their congress lackeys.  Joe Lieberman came up with this idea although probably not on his own.  And it was up and ready to go very soon after 9/11.

You see the crooks in Washington were kind of straining the Defense budget, so they thought a clever way of siphoning money from the middle class to their friend would be to make up a whole new department.  So we get hundreds of new ventures in spying on the American people.  We get wiretapping companies and now we get body scanners at the airport.

Always follow the money.  Congress passes something like “No Child Left Behind” and Neil Bush and his educational software company is waiting in the wings to sell the crap to school districts.  This administration has “Race to the Top” (only a man would refer to education as a “race”) and lo and behold, hedge funds are doubling their investments in charter schools in seven years because of some loophole in a law in the late 1990s.   Some senator in Arizona gets a law passed to arrest more Mexicans and, lo and behold, there happens to be a nifty company that can build jails really fast.

The porno scanners has a very serpentine history as Jane Hamsher unwinds in her piece Today (Tuesday, November 16, 2010) at . The first Homeland Security Chief, Michael Chertoff ordered a bunch of them from the Rapiscan company.  He didn’t mention that Rapiscan was a client of  his consulting firm “The Chertoff Group”.

So now they may prosecute and fine John Tyner $11,000 for refusing to go through the scanners or to be groped.  As Jane points out, it is obvious they are using the heavy duty groping to get people to go like sheeple into the very expensive body scanners.

Read her article and sign the petition to investigate the TSA.  And stop flying except for emergencies until they remove the scanners.


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  1. Well, whaddya know? Someone telling it like it is in Montana? Better watch yer back, Feral, sheep ain’t the only critters who are nervous in that state.

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