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Feral Cats at the Watering Hole

Join me and become a Feral Cat of Freedom coughing up hair balls of truth from the crap we’ve digested throughout the week from the Fat Cat News.  Yes, hair balls of truth from the junk food we call Main Stream News; a very corpulent corporate press.  Yes, hair balls can be messy. That’s because truth is sometimes messy.  But it cleans the system out and that is what I am here to try to do.

Join me here at the Watering Hole as we try to find solutions to our broken down system of government.  Do we junk it, repair it, or upgrade it?  Do we, like my rancher husband, try to keep it together with baling twine?  Is it worth the effort?  Or sometimes like a chicken that ha just been made “free range”, do you just want to fly the coop and leave the mess for somebody else to clean up?

No easy answers here.  We start with questions and then let’s stop and listen to each others’ answers.

We are feral, undomesticated, untamed and we still have our claws.  We are the resistance out here on the front range.  So join the truth brigade.  Hey simmering frogs, it ain’t a Jacuzzi.  Jump out and join me and hop along into the tall grass of truth.


2 Responses

  1. I started a blog a few weeks ago that was more social commentary than political. I wanted a break from politics. http://themontanamaven.com/

    But this cat has a hard time not still being curious as to why we are allowing “The Shock Doctrine” to take place in our own country. Neo liberal shock therapy entails deregulating industries, privatizing every thing that moves, and cutting social programs. The president’s “Cat Food Commission” is out to get Social Security and Medicare. The commission is people with haters of social programs. Staffers are paid by the billionaire SS hater Pete Peterson who wants investment bankers to get all that SS money. The loathsome Alan Simpson who talks about taking care of the “lesser” people and who insults some group once a week is a co-chair of this nasty bunch. Having cushy jobs where they sit on their asses in air conditioned offices, they want to raise the retirement age to 69. If you are a steelworker, good luck with working past 50.

    Why are we so passively accepting of the dismantling of our country? Is it the fluoride in our water? Or water on our brain? Sometimes I think that there is something at the entrance to Disney World that secretively implants something in every American that goes there. It makes them as robotic as the robots at the park.

  2. Letsgetitdobe over at correntewire.com has a great description of the co-chairs of the cat food commission.

    “But Bowles and Simpson are not “courageous.” They are self-aggrandizing unimaginative, and stupid skinflints, who know that fellow members of the elite of emerging plutocracy will reward them with beluga caviar Dom Perignon for their “courage” at Washington cocktail parties, while putting down the lack of self-discipline of hard working poor and middle-class people who are being pushed out of their homes by bailed-out banksters falsifying mortgage documents who have already cost them half the value of their real estate by crashing that market.”

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